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Yoga Teacher Insurance

yoga teacher insurance doesn't cover farting in class
Wasn’t me!!!

Have you ever farted in a yoga class? Or, god forbid, ‘queefed’ in a class?

Both are MORBIDLY embarrassing events!

In yoga class, if someone has gas, they have gas. There’s no insurance for that.

But, if you’re a yoga teacher teaching that class, you had better cover your zen hiney with yoga teacher insurance, or else…


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What Will It Do For Me?

We’re getting to that. But first, more about the embarrassing stuff. Someone queefed? At least a queef doesn’t smell! However, it always makes a sound. It is usually so embarrassing that your customers don’t return to the class!

On the contrary, if you’re teaching that class, you have to show up for your next class. And guess what? If you comically pointed out something about the fart/queef in the gas class, the offender could sue for psychological damage/ embarrassment! (Good lord)

Wouldn’t it would be nice if you could get fart insurance or embarrassment insurance! We don’t think there is anything like that out there.

We did find this funny insurance fart website, though, for your amusement. (You can find just about anything on the internet.)

Ok, onto why you need yoga teacher insurance:

“Why You Need Yoga Teacher Insurance:”

Insurance will protect you from things such as lawsuits. A client may claim that you hurt them in some way. Not a big surprise, right? We live in a litigious society.

Some claims have weight. Some do not.

You should get yourself covered either way. Simply leaving yourself exposed is not an option. You could lose your business or your bank account if you don’t protect yourself.

We are here to tell you a little about the types of insurance for yoga teachers and yoga studio insurance you need and how it will protect you.

The Most Essential Types Of Yoga Insurance:

The two most essential types you must have are:

  1. Professional Liability Insurance for Yoga Instructors
  2. General Liability Yoga Insurance


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You want a Good Reason To Have Professional Liability Insurance? Here’s One:

In 2009 in Boulder, Colorado a man sued his yoga studio for bodily harm. His claim is that the yoga instructor “unexpectedly and without permission” adjusted his position while in class.

Robert Heit says that the manipulation caused injuries that have resulted in a permanent disability. (See “should physical manipulations ever be performed in yoga?)

Yoga insurance for those oops moments
Hmm, sexual harassment case or bodily injury case? You never know!

The article states: “Among Heit’s injuries, according to the lawsuit, a torn medial meniscus — a fibrocartilage band spanning the knee joint — that required surgery.” Yeowch!

“Conducting yoga classes where unsolicited physical manipulation is permitted during yoga class poses a danger of injury to patrons and students,” Heit also states in the suit.

He says that the studio “failed to exercise reasonable care in that (the studio) failed to warn or instruct against the hazardous condition or activity of unsolicited physical manipulation during the activity of yoga,” the suit claims.

As a result of the studio’s failure, Heit claims he suffered “severe personal injuries, causing him extreme physical, mental and emotional pain and suffering.” He is suing the yoga studio, “Yoga Workshop” for damages. (Not a good day for the studio!)

Their website is still up so we imagine so far they are still in business.

Still, we were unable to find any evidence online of what happened in this case. What we DO know is that if the studio or the instructor did not have professional liability yoga teacher insurance, they are up sh*t creek. (No matter whether the case held weight or not.)

Here’s Another BIG Case Where Yoga Teacher Insurance Was Essential:

…and at the time of this writing, it is still an ongoing case. It might not be covered by professional liability, but it’s one of the most common complaints: Sexual harassment. Actually, rape in this case. This case involves one of the biggest yoga founders in the world. In 2010, Bickram Yoga founder Bikram Choudhury was accused of rape.

Six women have now brought civil cases against Choudhury for sexual assault, gender violence offenses and more. Regardless of whether the allegations are true or not, he has already been ordered to pay out $6.4 million in punitive damages in the first of a series of lawsuits.

Choudhury is in very hot water! It is unclear whether he had insurance. Surely he must, being such a big organization. This case is ongoing.

What Does Professional Liability Yoga Instructor Insurance Cover?

Most claims against yoga studios happen because of:

  • Muscle injuries
  • Joint injuries
  • Back injuries

This insurance is also sometimes called errors and omissions insurance. Professional liability insurance protects you or your business from another person or business’s claims of bodily injury, caused by your negligence or a mishap.

If someone trips over a bag and hurts themselves in your studio, that would not be covered by professional liability insurance. General liability would cover such an instance. (It’s a little confusing, even to us. Be sure to talk to your agent about it so you totally understand the differences.)

Professional liability insurance covers your ass if someone gets hurt because you didn’t do your job properly. If you were negligent, or you get accused of being negligent, you may be covered by this insurance. You need to get your ass covered for any of their medical expenses and associated claims.

General Liability Yoga Instructor Insurance

Here’s the deal: General liability is the most basic yoga teacher insurance you need. This yoga instructor insurance protects your business from another person or business’s claims of bodily injury, associated medical costs and damage to property.

 yoga teacher insurance to keep the namaste going

What it DOESN’T cover is if you fail to do something properly in the scope of your job/service. This is otherwise known as negligence.

Say your instructor failed to relay some very relevant medical information to another instructor about a client. That client gets hurt as a result. They could sue you for negligence. In such a case you would need professional liability insurance.

Let’s say you had a class of 20 people. After the class, one client slips and falls in your bathroom shower. She claims that the tile should have had a mat because it was extremely slippery. She sues you for damages and pain and suffering.

In a case such as this, your yoga liability insurance (general) would cover the costs.

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What’s the bottom line?

Yoga teacher insurance is crucial for the protection of your livelihood. Without it, you are a walking target for real or made-up mishaps. Mishaps turn into lawsuits. Nobody likes getting sued but it could easily happen to you.

Go uncovered and you could lose everything you have. Get your yoga instructor liability insurance below.

Why Hiscox For My Yoga Liability Insurance?

There are several reasons we picked Hiscox and nobody else.

  • Customization: The agents at Hiscox are very good at finding out what your specific needs are based on where you work, what kind of insurance your employer has or what you need as your own business.
  • They are a middle man. You will get the best quotes from only the best in your industry.
  • Coverage no matter where you are. You can be training in Thailand, and you will still be covered.
  • Speedy response rate.
  • Their website is very simple and easy to maneuver.

Contact them today to get your FREE no-obligation quote for inexpensive yoga teacher insurance so your yoga behind gets protected!


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