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errors and omissions insurance - there when you make a mistake
Oh, Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!

E&O Insurance? It sounds like a Sesame Street skit! We wish talking about errors and omissions insurance was as fun as Sesame Street…

Actually, it’s pretty serious stuff. You likely already know people looooove to sue! Guess what? You can be sued at any time if your business offers services or advice.

You go get your mail and there it is… you’ve been summoned to appear in court. Life just got really damn complicated.

Even if you settle out of court, it will likely be VERY expensive if you are not properly covered.

So, what is it and do you need it? Let’s find out…


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Pfffffft. Errors And Omissions Insurance? Who Needs It?

Professionals such as architects, real estate agents, accountants, lawyers and surveyors all use “Sesame Street’s” E and O insurance. Well, the smart ones do!

Ever heard of medical malpractice insurance? Guess what? That’s another name for E and O insurance. It may sometimes be called medical malpractice, but it is not only for medical lawsuits.

What does it do? We will tell you- it covers mistakes you may make that cause your client money or other types of loss.

Hey, we are all human, We all make mistakes. Even professionals do! There is no shortage of mistakes made in the professional world. Just open a paper or check the news on the internet. The media loves to cover big stories about screw-ups people make.

There are countless times when E&O insurance coverage has saved the butt end of a professional’s business. In the medical field, patients have woken up from surgery to find the wrong foot removed. E and O to the rescue. (Not for the poor patient!)

Or, take for instance this story of the Malibu real estate agent who misrepresented the square footage of a property he sold.


E and O insurance covered the real estate agent’s mistake. He won his first time in court but then lost an appeal. Now it is going to the supreme court. That’s not going to be cheap. Without coverage, he would likely be on the street unless he has the $5 million he’s being sued for sitting in his back pocket.

Everyone makes mistakes, professionals included. When lots of money is on the line, you need to be sure you are covered.

Common Reasons Professionals Are Sued, That E & O Insurance Will Cover:

  • Inadequate communication and documentation
  • Misrepresentation
  • Inadequate business practices
  • Inadequate or incomplete information
  • Breach of Duty


Get FREE E&O Insurance Quotes


Of course, not all lawsuits that are started hold any water. Often, it is a disgruntled client reaching for straws to recoup for losses that they have incurred.

Still, it is crucial that you are covered because you never know what or when an innocent mistake will come back to bite you in the butt.

Not every business or professional requires this type of policy but it is a good idea if you offer a service or provide advice to clients. Perhaps you are a real estate agent. With transactions being so complex the chance of an error occurring is high.

There will be times when either the seller or the buyer is not happy about something. They may seek compensation from you. This coverage should be mandatory if you are an agent.

Ins And Outs of Errors and Omissions Insurance -article.

Examples Of Professions Needing E&O Insurance Coverage:

errors and omissions insurance cost is generally well worth it

  1. E&O Insurance For Insurance Agents– Here is a profession where there is almost an infinite number of unique situations that one must sift through for their client.It is foreseeable that an agent might recommend the wrong type of coverage or policy limits. E&O insurance coverage gives you protection in those situations where bad advice causes harm to your client.
  2. Appraiser E&O Insurance- Your job is to determine the value of many things. Homes, precious stones, works of art and more. There is usually a lot riding on these items if the owner bothered to have them appraised. You may make mistakes in judging the value of these items. Therefore you need E & O insurance to protect yourself. Otherwise, you could find yourself liable for monetary damages from the advice you give.
  3. Professional Errors & Omissions Insurance. Yup. If you are simply a professional at something, this insurance is right up your alley. Architects, software designers, accountants, consultants, personal trainers, therapists, lawyers and more are all at risk.
  4. Real Estate Errors And Omissions Insurance- Real estate transactions are very complex in nature. They also usually involve large sums of money changing hands. Any time a buyer or seller becomes unhappy with the transaction, they may seek compensation from those who helped them through the process- You! This should be mandatory coverage for persons in this profession.

Entrepreneur Magazine- Do I really need E and O insurance?

Do be aware- General liability is not the same thing as E & O insurance. Your employer may have a general liability insurance plan in place. That’s great… you need general liability as well. Typically general liability doesn’t cover errors and omissions. YOUR butt is on the line if they or you don’t have this coverage.

YOUR butt is on the line if they or you don’t have this coverage. Don’t be crazy. Go get you some.

Errors And Omissions Insurance Cost

How much does errors and omissions insurance cost? As you may have guessed, it depends. It will depend on the type and amount of coverage you get and possibly what type of business you are in

Speak to one of the agents at Hiscox to get quotes suited for your business.

Errors And Omissions Insurance Quotes With The Best Rates

Errors & omissions insurance is something that any company who is providing a service in which an error can cause financial harm to another party needs. It is a requirement that many clients demand before they sign a contract and it is necessary to have if you offer professional services.

Professionals in the business of offering advice or services really cannot afford to be without this type of commercial coverage, and would be foolish to not carry it.

You will get the best errors and omissions insurance quote in one convenient place when you use Hiscox. The ability to get quotes has never been easier with today’s online quote requests. It’s as easy as filling out a simple form. You will easily find the best rates this way. Of course, you are never under any obligation to actually purchase anything.

The bottom line is to make sure you are covered for mistakes that may result in financial harm to another party by getting FREE, no-obligation errors and omissions insurance quotes today from Hiscox.


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