The Best Small Business VoIP Phone Service Reviews

The Best Small Business VoIP Phone Service Reviews

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IT’S THE 2000’s! You’re still using a telephone at your business? Like, the old style clunky landline telephone featuring ‘no features’?

Buddy, everyone is laughing at you. It’s time. You must catch up. We can help. We will show you the best small business VoIP system for your business, large or small.



The Low Down

The Good

The Sucky

1st Jive communications logo Jive is a stellar VoIP service which has a very simple userface. They make it easy to use and offer great customer support... the way a service should be. USA based ticket support. Phone support out of Guatemala, but they were helpful and were fluent in english. Reliable service. Virtual Fax included. Very easy setup! Use your own phones, even just cell phones if you prefer. Not much. Um, well, You must get a separate storage space if you want call recording. That's about it. Visit Website

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2nd grasshopper logo Grasshopper virtual phone system does not quite match up to the competition in terms of included cloud-based features. Grasshopper is a good service overall but Jive excelled in quality and service over Grasshopper. 30-day money back guarantee for this cloud-based phone system. Unlimited saved online voicemail space. Optional text transcription of incoming messages. Additional minutes more expensive than the competition. Feature set less complete than the competing hosted IP PBX provider. Very limited outbound faxing capability - only able to receive faxes. Visit Website

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3rd eVoice logo Easy, basic service. Their service is lacking in features. We kept it third over RingCentral due to RingCentral's dismal reviews. However, they offer less features than RingCentral. eVoice offers a live receptionist service which is unique. USA based support. Better reviews overall than RingCentral. Extra fee for outbound faxes. Takes 2-3 weeks to port a number to eVoice. No live chat. Only offer very basic VoIP. Can't keep phone number if you use their VoIP number and you change services. Visit Website

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4th RingCentral logo Sure, RingCentral is a full featured, VoIP solution. It offers a great feature set for a low monthly price. However, their services leave much to be desired. Scathing online reviews from customers dropped this service to last place. FREE, no-obligation 30-day trial available. Business VoIP plans start at just $8.29 per month. No hardware to buy. No contract or commitment. ProUnlimited plan comes with UNLIMITED local, long distance and toll-free minutes. Limit of 200 voicemail/fax saved messages. But really, their customer support is horrid. Based in the Philippines, we got next to NO support as well as conflicting answers from agents time and time again. This alone keeps us from being able to recommend them. Visit Website

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Mark our words, there are SO many reasons that a small business VoIP phone service system for your company is king! It’s highly likely that you would benefit from purchasing or changing your home or business landline to a VoIP service. We promise.

Maybe you keep hearing about VoIP phone service but you don’t quite understand what it is.

Ok, we will tell you, but before we explain it let’s review some examples of why a VoIP phone system is a MUST have for your business, big or small.

Read our business VoIP phone service reviews and join the 20th century
You’re not using VoIP?? Ok, Flintstone are you still using this for your ‘computer’?
  • Have you ever lost a client because you didn’t return their call fast enough? Are you constantly in meetings and can’t listen to your voicemail? No problem! With VoIP, you can have voicemails automatically converted to text via email or a text message so you can stealthily read it during a meeting. If that customer needs something NOW, you know it and you can act accordingly. This could save you a $30,000 account or let you know right away that your kid just had a bicycle accident. Problem solved!
  • Sales calls are taking up too much of your time and you and your employees are sick of trying to screen them. Well, if you have automatic call screening, you can have those calls directed straight to voicemail. Problem solved. OR, you can quickly and easily change a number that is receiving too many solicitation calls and you don’t even have to contact a phone company call center. Problem solved!
  • You have offices in different locales or countries. It’s WAY expensive to buy a small business VoIP phone service
  • for each, and if someone is calling from the USA to, say, Ireland, they may not want to for the cost of calling long distance. You can simply get multiple numbers from your VoIP provider and add those as local lines. Problem solved!
  • Are you in faxing misery? Without the need for paper or toner, with most VoIP services, you can send and receive faxes online. Problem solved! Trash your fax machine. (Please)
  • VoIP also allows you to attach documents, conduct virtual meetings, and share data via video conferencing. Bonus!

Ok, I see it would be very helpful. I am intrigued. But I still don’t understand; What is VoIP…?

Use the best small business VoIP service - not this!
You’re not using VoIP? We’re betting your business phone looks something like this.  🙂

Here’s the deal… Back in the stone age, (well actually …just a few years ago) when opening a business, you had no choice but to go to the local phone service provider to get your service turned on at a fixed location- your home or business.

Today, we have VOIP, which means “Voice over Internet Protocol”. Simply put, this means you talk over the internet instead of traditional phone lines.

Right away you can see how freeing this is as your phone numbers are totally portable. They are not directly connected to a hard-lined phone on a desk.

In today’s business world, virtually all businesses have to have the Internet. This means almost every business out there can use the Internet to connect with customers instead of a hard-wired land line. You’re going to want to get the best VoIP service for business.

After setting up with the best small business VoIP phone service provider, your land phones are connected to your computer’s WAN line instead of to the traditional phone connection outlet in your office or home. (Or, you will be given a device that plugs into your computer)

The internet then connects you instead of a phone line. You have likely used Skype once or twice in your life… VoIP is similar but without the video. Of course, you CAN video conference with VoIP as well if you want to! A small business VoIP phone system is integral for your business to keep up with the times and to thrive in today’s economy!


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The Benefits Are Many. Here Are Just A Few Examples of Why You Should Get The Best VoIP For Small Business:

  • RADICAL CUSTOMIZATION! Voicemail messages can be individually customized for different callers.
  • EASY! VoIP is much easier to set up and maintain than a landline.
  • AWESOME FEATURES! VoIP offers many more benefits than standard mobile phone or land line telephones: For instance, you can get voicemail turned into text or vice versa for ease of use on the road or in a meeting. You can get an email or text alerts when someone leaves a message so you stay connected faster to your customers. There’s much more, these are just a few examples.
  • IT’S PORTABLE! You can take your phone line with you wherever you have an internet connected computer/tablet/cell phone handy. As long as your computer/tablet/cell has built-in or external speakers hooked up, a working microphone and the proper software, you can place a call from any of your VoIP phone numbers.
  • MORE SECURE! Beats the security of a landline by a mile.
  • CHEAPER AND MORE PROVIDER CHOICES! WAY more choices of service providers than when using traditional phone companies. It will also cost less. Score and score. You win.
  • MORE RAD CUSTOMIZATION! You can get calls custom forwarded to anywhere you like. For instance, if you get a call from a VIP, you can have the call automatically directed to your personal cell phone. Calls coming in from specific numbers can have customized voicemails that only they get to hear.

And so much more… you have more fantastic options at your fingertips when using the best business VoIP phone that you never had when using the old dinosaur landline.

You will connect faster, in more ways, and more often with your smart choice in VoIP. The choice should be clear! GO get the best VoIP for small business and get ahead!

What’s the bottom line?

We have to tell you, using VoIP services will reduce your communication costs and help you to develop a more professional image for less. It also enables customers to contact your business more easily and in more ways than one. Stay with the times and go with best business VoIP!

Best VoIP Service For Small Business:

Jive was by far the best VoIP service provider for small businesses that we reviewed. They have TOP RATED customer support, which is USA based. Jive offers 24/7 support and you have no maintenance costs or software updates to deal with.

It’s simple. It works. They offer tons of features. Phones are shipped to you plug-in ready. So simple! Read the full review at the top of this page for more detailed information.

The Best Small Business VoIP Phone Service Reviews Are Here!

Before you choose the best small business VoIP for your business, be sure to compare prices and read our virtual phone reviews. The table at the top of this page provides you with more information. Or, simply select our top choice, Jive Voice.

People love Jive Voice. Their online reviews are stellar. Their customer support rocks. Get Jive Voice and get going!


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