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RingCentral VoIP Review

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The Good:

We really wanted to like RingCentral.

They do offer a great variety of VoIP services (including RingCentral Professional and RingCentral Office) that rivals our top pick. However, they have dismal customer reviews online and lack the polish of Jive Voice.

A Little More About RingCentral…

  • They have mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Blackberry.
  • Faxing is included. You can send faxes through Outlook and Office. They have integrated with SalesForce, like our top pick, Jive.
  • You can get toll-free, 800 or vanity numbers so that your customers can remember your business number without having to look it up.
  • They offer calls that can be made directly from your PC, and there’s no setup fee. They have a 30-day free trial (account with 2+ users). There’s no early termination fee or a fee to activate.
  • Business number texting is available. You can block spammy numbers.


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The Bad… ????

Well, there were quite a few ‘bads’!

  • They won’t accept faxes from a ‘real’ fax machine.
  • Customers frustrated about not being able to stop the service, getting charged unfairly, complaints about the ‘customer no-service’ from the Philippines and so on.
  • Their support is based in the Philippines (unless you have a 20+ user account). Really, RingCentral?
  • The complaints about this are EXTREME. No one likes to talk to someone who you have to struggle to understand. This is a huge complaint. It may as well not exist, it’s so bad.
  • The customer reviews: They were overwhelming. Complaint after complaint after complaint was found with a simple online search.
  • Customers frustrated about not being able to stop the service, getting charged unfairly, complaints about the ‘customer no-service’ from the Philippines and so on.
  • Rating websites such as Community.Spiceworks.com, PissedConsumer.com, and VirtualPhoneSystemReviews.com all offered dismal reviews about RingCentral. Due to this, we could not in good conscience rate RingCentral well.
  • When we tried using RingCentral’s live chat, it was almost torturous. It was seriously like pulling teeth to get a simple answer of what their hours were for phone and live chat.
  • Additionally, we got a different answer from every agent! This does not bode well for customer service.
  • Because of all of this, we put RingCentral in the last place. The RingCentral competitors offer better customer service. Check out Jive Voice for your VoIP needs!


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