Nextiva vFAX Review

Nextiva vFAX Review- Our #3 Pick

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Nextiva vFAX. Not bad, really! They are very affordable, they are customer service focused and you can schedule a fax to be sent at a later time! They don’t have an app for your smartphone, so this brought them down a few notches as we need business systems to be as convenient as possible. Come on. It’s 2016!

The Good

They are very affordable. If you choose the annual plan, or you stop using them during the middle of a month and you are on a monthly plan, they will reimburse you for the unused amount! That’s really nice. You can use their online tutorials to get started. Their interface is very simple. They DO have online chat as well as phone support. (US- based) You get a confirmation letting you know if your fax has successful or unsuccessful. If you have an existing fax number, you may port it over to Nextiva.

30-day free trial is offered with Nextiva vFAX.


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The Bad

They don’t allow international faxes. Really, Nextiva?? We feel this really limits their customer base.

They don’t have apps available. This would really have upped them in our rankings had they had this. Who doesn’t have an app for their service these days? This would have streamlined the service for it’s customer base.

They don’t have vanity numbers available.

You cannot add a digital signature to your faxes.

Bottom Line?

Well, we do like Nextiva. Their lack of an app for your use and the no international faxing really hurt them in terms of our reviews. If you don’t do much faxing on the go, and you don’t need international faxing, Nextiva could work just fine for you! However, if you need these options, consider RingCentral Fax.


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