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MyFax Review- Our #4 Choice For Online Faxing Services

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MyFax is… well… it’s OK. They provide online faxing services at a fair price, but a little higher than most.

Overall, they definitely lack the luster of our top two winners, RingCentral, and eFax.

Why Not MyFax?

Well, for starters, they don’t have live chat. Also, they only allow 5 shared users compared to RingCentral’s 30 users.

Their website feels ‘tinny’. Not that this is a big deal, but we feel it enough to point it out.

They also limit the number of incoming and outgoing faxes as opposed to just allowing one number of faxes, total.

These complaints pushed MyFax down to fourth place.


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The Good?

Ok, they do have good security. They use SSL encryption and other data encryption methods to help secure your privacy. However, they are not HIPAA compliant. They easily integrate with Microsoft Outlook for ease of use. They do offer 24-hour phone support which is USA based.

You can use MyFax using their smartphone app, android or iOs. Also, they allow you to pay an annual fee at a discounted rate.

The Not So Good.

Well, we covered most of it above. Still, there’s a little more.

They charge one of the highest rates for additional pages at .10 per page.

You can do a free 30-day trial, but only for their smallest package.

Once again, no live chat. That really sucks.

What’s The Bottom Line?

MyFax could work for you if you need extra security for your faxing needs. It’s just missing the pizzaz and the features of the other three services.

If you are sure of the number of incoming and outgoing faxes you use/get per month, hey, it could work just fine for you. But why pay more for less? We recommend that you check out our top performer first, RingCentral.


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