Jive Voice Review

Jive Voice Review- Our Number One Pick For VoIP Services

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WOW! Need VoIP? Want excellent options as well as excellent customer service? Jive Voice is your answer.

They have it all. Stellar customer support. There is no maintenance to perform. No software updates to have to download.

You can just use your cell phones or you can use your existing phones or even get their phones which are ready to plug in and go!

You get a free trial. You get unlimited minutes.

Money back guarantee for 30 days. Jive cannot be beaten.


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The Good

We already listed a few, but there’s more. They offer ONLINE FAX with all plans. No more fax machines needed! (HALLELUJAH ITS A MIRACLE!)

They use email to send faxes. It’s like the best business invention since the internet began.

They have the top-rated customer service in their field. This is of utmost importance.

There are no maintenance costs or software updates to manage. They offer mobile, desktop and web apps. They integrate their services with other applications such as SalesForce, Google, Redtail, Outlook and more.

Calls are unlimited. The only exception is your inbound toll-free calls which run 1.9 cents per minute.

More Good…

Well, They have an eavesdropping feature where you may listen in on a call without the persons knowing it. (So you can spy on your employees, basically) They do offer calls to Canada for .03 cents per minute.

Jive Voice review
You called my office number, but actually, you have no idea I am in Barcelona! Having VoIP RULES!

They get rave reviews. The social proof on the internet speaks volumes.

No corporation is too large. They regularly offer VoIP systems to schools, hospitality services, non-profits, and governments.

They don’t nickel and dime you for features. Most are included in their “Contact Center”. You can get their “Contact Center Pro” which includes 13 more features for $99 per user.

Jive phones are shipped to you plug-in ready!

Their rates are very competitive in the market.

We just love Jive.

The ‘Bad’

Nothing, really. The only thing we found was that if you want call recording, you need to purchase separate storage space with some other platform to do so. Big deal!

Bottom Line

Jive bowled over the competition with both their one-stop shop offering multiple products as well as their stellar customer support. Their website is simple and easy to understand.

Registration is simple. You fill out a registration form. An agent will call you to talk about your needs before deciding what will be the best solution for you. Bada Bing, you’re ready to roll in no time!

Do yourself a favor. Get your VoIP on with Jive!


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