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IncFile Review- Our Third Place Business

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What a cute name, eh? Cute or not, IncFile works. You can get your LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, or non-profit in any state. They have been around since 2004 and have helped over 75,000 customers.

Not bad, IncFile! You’re doing something right!


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Righteous, Dude!

We listed IncFile in third place out of our top five. They offer services for starting up your LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, or non-profit in every state.

With every package, they include:

  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • Free Shipping On All Orders
  • Registered Agent Services- First Year Free
  • Unlimited Name And Availability Searches
  • Prepare And File The Articles of Organization
  • Unlimited Email and Phone Support
  • Free Business Tax Consultation

Here’s what else we liked:

Hold My Hand!

We love that they offer a business license research package, even if you don’t use them as your Registered Agent. Some companies only offer it if you use them as your Registered Agent, which we think is crap.

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Yay, we were picked as one of the top three businesses by BestDamnReviews!

Social Support

IncFile seems to have decent customer reviews.

Fair And Balanced

They offer their registered agent service at a fairly reasonable $99.

Balanced and Fair

They rate pretty well with other reviewing companies

Keep Your Damn Money!

IncFile is likely the most affordable of the five companies we researched. (We actually researched seven, but who in their right mind will even look at #6 and #7, so we ditched them.) They seem very reasonable. Of course, there are add-ons that can bump up the price, just like other companies.

You Suck.

What we didn’t care for were just a few things:

Not So Live Chat

There’s not too much to comment about as far as the bad. What they LACKED was a speedy reply time and LIVE CHAT. Yes, we lean hard on that live chat. In this day and age, we think it should come with any organization large enough to warrant it.

Go Fend For Yourself!

No access to lawyers. Most companies do not offer this, only Legal Zoom does.

Don’t Like It? Well, Go Suck It!!

They don’t have a satisfaction guarantee. This is fairly alarming.

Better Bullsh*t Bureau

They lean a lot on their Better Business Bureau rating. We have to call them out on this. Whether IncFile is aware of it or not, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) was ‘outed’ as a trusted source for consumers back in 2010 by ABC news’ 20/20. Full story here.

We don’t have any respect for BBB ratings. For some reason, millions of Americans still think it’s a government watchdog agency or a consumer watchdog. CNN Money also did a report on the BBB and it’s “ratings” system here. So yeah. Stop trusting any bullsh*t BBB ratings!

What’s The Bottom Line?

IncFile is a decent choice for your filing needs. Still, they lack the customer support that we want for our readers. They don’t give you access to lawyers. They don’t offer a wide variety of services. They just didn’t shine for us like our top two choices did.

In conclusion, you likely won’t have any problem with IncFile, but you have a greater chance of a good experience with one of our first two choices, BizFilings or CorpNet.


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