Grasshopper Review

Grasshopper Review- Our #2 VoIP Pick

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Grasshopper- This VoIP phone service is great for businesses who really want to keep it simple.

It’s also good for smaller businesses that don’t want or need phones outside of their cell phones and their existing phones.

This service can allow you to take control of all your VoIP needs quickly and easily.


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The Good

Grasshopper review
Your office is empty. Slacker. ONLY KIDDING! You have a VoIP service and are working from the beach on your cell phone! Smart kiddo you are…

It’s simple! No additional new hardware is necessary. This lessens your expense and hassle. Activation is free. Thirty-day money back guarantee. No long term contracts! You can get an 800 number, a toll-free number, a local number or a ‘vanity’ number where you use something about your business to help people remember your number such as 1-800-FLOWERS.

Very good social proof… they have lots of rave reviews from their customers. Customer support 24/7. You can use your own phone number, but you must pay a $30 one-time fee.

The Bad

There’s really not much that we didn’t like about Grasshopper. They just don’t offer as much as our top pick, Jive does.

However, here are a few things that could be considered negatives… they don’t offer a free trial. They don’t offer online fax service. They charge $30 for you to use your original phone number.

If you need or want phones, they don’t offer phones. You must use your existing phones or cell phones. This definitely offers simplicity, which we like, but for larger companies, this likely won’t work, so Jive is a better option. Still, it will work great for the smaller business or entrepreneur!

Bottom Line

If you are only looking for a basic VoIP service and you don’t need extra hardware, this solution works for you! You will have full control of your phone system at your fingertips, whether you are at a computer or on your smartphone.

They are a fun company that stands by their product!

Still, we prefer our top choice, Jive, for their competitive pricing and full set of features.


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