eFax Review

eFax Review- Our #2 Choice For Online Faxing Service

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What’s so great about eFax?

eFax is a simple to use online fax system. We like that they have 24/7 telephone customer support, Live Chat, a very simple interface, a great user guide and a full FAQ section.

This is very helpful in providing users with the information they need but they don’t want to have to hunt for it.


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Awesome Sauces:

Let Your Fingers Do The Walking: Yep, eFax had the best customer service when it comes to live chat and phone support. They were responsive and exceeded expectations compared to the other companies. We didn’t have to pull teeth to get the information we needed. Hallelujah!

eFax review
Look at you, all on vacation! You must have chosen RingCentral or eFax for your faxing service and so you saved yourself enough time and money to hit the beach. (This might be a slight exaggeration.)

Smooth Sailing: Heck yeah, their website is so easy to use! Starting on the home screen, you have four categories to choose from to complete your fax mission. You can send faxes through their message center as well. It’s set up like email, so users are familiar with the system.

Electronic Signing: Another hallelujah! eFax makes it simple to sign a document online. No printing, signing and scanning to do. No paper waste. This gave them a very strong lead.

Does Size Really Matter? It does when it comes to emailing large files. eFax has a large file sharing feature. You can even save time by sending your large file to up to 20 email addresses at once. You will be emailed when the recipients download the files.

Super Integrator: eFax integrates their service with many email and cloud clients. This allows for even easier faxing. Simplicity is good!

The “Meh”

Of course, there’s a downside to EVERYTHING. What we didn’t like about eFax is that they limit incoming and outgoing faxes. For instance, the smallest package allows for 300 faxes. However, you can only have 150 incoming and 150 outgoing. Additionally, they are a bit pricier than other services.

Bottom Line:

Still, their customer support, ease of use and large access to information you may need puts them in second place in our online fax rankings. If you don’t fax very often but you need the service and want good help if you ever need it, eFax could work out just right for your company.


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