CorpNet Review

CorpNet Review

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CorpNet is our #2 choice when it comes to using a business formation service.

Actually, they were #1 on our list for a while during the vetting process. However, they fell behind when it came to their online chat as well as their registered agent service. We’ll explain later.


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First, let’s get to the good of this Corpnet Review:

Corpnet Review
Yay, we were picked as one of the top three businesses by BestDamnReviews!

We LOVE BizFilings best, but we love CorpNet as well!

What was it about CorpNet that we liked?

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Right at the top of their website, where they are not afraid to display it, is their 100% satisfaction guarantee. There’s no searching for it, no wondering, it’s just right there.

We got the feeling (for other reasons as well) that they really DO care about getting it right. They were there for us to answer all of our questions, no problem.

Take That Back!!

If you are not satisfied… they do offer a 60 day refund policy. Still, they list it and they stand by the refund policy as long as it’s not a mistake that YOU made in giving them incorrect information.

What A Geezer!

Well, you have to do a little homework to know this, but the owners actually founded in 1997 then sold it to Intuit. They have a lot of experience in the biz. CorpNet has been in business since 2009. Still, they have a long history in the business.

Live Chat

We LOVE live chat! Only three of the seven we reviewed had live chat. However, BizFilings was faster and more consistent in their live chat than CorpNet.

There’s A WIZARD!!

They offer their easy to use business structure wizard. BizFilings has one of these as well. And it’s awesome!

CorpNet’s Business Structure Wizard

Applause and Smiles

They have great reviews which says a lot. Nellie, the owner writes for larger publications which adds to her resume’ of knowing what she’s doing in the business world. We ignore all Better Business Bureau rankings since they were debunked back in 2010 by ABC News.

Don’t believe us? See “The Best Ratings Money Can Buy”.

“What did you NOT like about CorpNet?”

Defeated head down on computer
You idiot.  You lost. The worst part? It was TOTALLY  avoidable…

Seriously??? You make-a-me use your registered agent service??? Or charge me to use my OWN? Come on…

Secret Agent Man

We were very disappointed to see that if you want to use your own registered agent, either yourself or someone else, they will CHARGE you $79. For what?

We don’t know. You can easily get your own registered agent for a year for around $35-$55. Why would you want to pay CorpNet on top of it?

The loophole here is you could go with their free trial of using them as your registered agent, then cancel with them when you give them the name of your RA. Still, who wants to jump through all those hoops?? We sure didn’t.

This really was a kicker for us and it knocked them from first place to second. They make it really hard not to use them as your registered agent. And, it’s expensive at $149/year.

Getting To Know You…

Navigating their website was a little confusing at times. You get to the end of the form, and there’s no ‘next’ button or anything clearly letting you know what to do next. We had to ask the live chat agent how to get to the next page. (Really?)

“Can You Hear Me Now?”

Their Live Chat. Meh. Once we tried to chat but they were so busy we had to wait. And wait. And wait. (Via that chat, I told them I had plenty of time to wait.) Eventually, I was only given the option to email them. That was a bit maddening.

Other times chat has been very slow. This also bumped them down in the rankings

“What’s Your Overall Feeling About CorpNet?”

Really not bad at all. We liked them but we liked BizFilings better for the smoother experience. Cost-wise, they are not far apart. So, really either one would work. We would use BizFilings before CorpNet but you can’t go wrong with either one!


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