Best Online Fax Service Reviews

Best Online Fax Service Reviews

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What?? You still use a FAX MACHINE???

Honey, the 90’s called and they want their machine back. Well, thank goodness you found this online fax service review site. We can get you hooked up with the best online faxing service provider to meet your needs. These are the best online fax service reviews!




The Tidbits

The Good

The Sucky

1st ringcentral logo RingCentral Fax is a fax over Internet service that offers great features, at an unbeatable price. By offering a great combination of price, included monthly inbound/outbound pages, and advanced features, this is our top-rated fax from online service. If you need fax over the Internet capability for your business or personal use, this is the right choice. FREE, no-obligation 30-day trial of all plans. Online faxing plans start at just $7.99 per month. No hardware to buy. No contract or commitment. Powerful FaxEditor free software. Cheapest additional pages. Unlimited fax storage duration (200 fax limit). No downside to using this top-rated provider. Visit Website

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2nd eFax logo eFax Plus fax online service is not able to compete head-to-head with other Internet-based fax solutions. There are much better options that offer greater features for a cheaper price. FREE, no-obligation 30-day trial. Lifetime fax storage online. Price. Small number of included inbound/outbound pages. Extra pages expensive. Visit Website

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3rd myfax logo Nextiva offers a basic online faxing service. They lack services such as blocking senders, no digital signature and no international faxing. FREE, no-obligation 30-day trial. They have low prices and low overage page fees. Live chat available. High page allotment. Lacking in features. No weekend support. Live chat gave us different answers to our questions about their hours: Inconsistent. Visit Website

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4th myfax logo myFax Internet fax service offers a good selection of features at a reasonable monthly price. However, RingCentral offers the same features to let you fax documents online, plus more, for less money, and offers a free trial for ALL of their online fax plans. FREE, no-obligation 30-day trial of the most popular plan. Internet fax plans start at just $10 per month. 1 year online fax storage. Can’t sign or edit faxes online. Less features, and more expensive additional pages than RingCentral Fax. Visit Website

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We’re going to tell you who is the best of the best for sending a fax online, but first, here’s a story about why you need online fax.

A Little Story:

Best online fax service reviews
Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah…

Imagine it’s the busiest and most important day of your business as of yet. You are about to close on your biggest sale ever! Employees are scrambling around to meet today’s important deadline. Excitement is in the air…

At the last minute, you get an email from your client to inform you that they need one more vital document faxed to them within the hour to close the deal. The deal is off without this document.

You assure them that you will have it delivered ASAP.

After hanging up, you hustle over to your notoriously naughty fax machine. You try to send it a couple of times but you get the oh-so-pleasant busy signal. On your third try, the unimaginable happens:

It jams. (Again?!)



There’s no un-jamming it THIS time. Now, you can’t use your own stupid fax machine!

Send a fax online and save yourself frustration!
Girrrrrrrrl, You. Are. SCREWED.

The nearest fax store takes over an hour to get to in traffic at lunchtime.

Oh yeah. You’re FINISHED!

That just cost you a $45,000 sale.

Online faxing will save yourself from frustrating episodes.
You idiot.  You lost. The worst part? It was TOTALLY  avoidable…

That should NEVER happen in this day and age. In fact, it’s totally unacceptable and highly unprofessional.

However, this is only a story. YOU can send online faxes for pennies on the dollar! It will reduce your costs and make faxing simple, easy and efficient.

Let’s face it, traditional faxing suuuucks! What, are we still living in 1995? Who faxes anymore?? (People do, but we can’t explain human psychology, soo…)

Even the IRS still uses faxing as their preferred transmission, even though it is traditionally not secure. Yep, that’s our government!

Kelly’s Awesome Online Fax Story (Yes, BestDamnReviews’ Kelly!)

Kelly, of BestDamnReviews, got an account with RingCentral for her faxing needs with the IRS. (Before doing the reviews for RingCentral) She needed a transcript of her business return for 2014 for her new CPA.

Her identity had been stolen as someone had sent them a return asking for a refund using her name and social security number. Therefore, the IRS couldn’t have a transcript sent to her online. Her account was ‘locked’. They would only send one via Fax, or by (snail) mail. (Really, IRS???)

No, I didn’t bring no daaaamn tax returns for my journey! Hellz no! Does this look like a traveling filing cabinet to you?

Being on the road in an RV, she didn’t bring her old tax files with her and her new CPA needed to see the old return for comparison. (Great.)

So, she got an online fax service with RingCentral.

It made it SO Much easier than going to a library and having to be on the phone with the IRS and then wait by the fax machine there. A library fax machine is also TOTALLY unsecured, so it’s crazy dangerous! Why don’t you just post your fax on a billboard? (We jest…)

With RingCentral, the IRS sent the transcript to her account and she received it shortly after it was sent, while the agent waited on the phone. Our bet is that the library ladies would be a little too ‘snooty’ to go check the fax machine for you right when it was sent!

This was SO CONVENIENT compared to going to a library or a UPS store.


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So What Does The Best Online Fax Service Do For You?

Lucky for you, now you can send a fax online without the need for a traditional fax machine, just as Kelly did! Amazingly, with online fax services you can send a fax or receive a fax online, no fax machine necessary. All you need is your computer, notebook or smartphone. Hallelujah!

An online fax service replaces this dinosaur

See ya, you old piece of crap headache-dinosaur stupid testy damn fax machine!

What are the benefits?

  • Save yourself the time of driving around to find a fax at a mail service store.
  • Save money by not paying an employee to go send a fax at the store.
  • No more fax gas money and mileage wasted.
  • No more arriving to find out their fax machine just jammed. Or a long line to wait in.
  • Save money on expensive repairs, toner and  fax paper.
  • No more fax paper jams of your own to deal with!

Best of all, there’s nothing someone sending you a fax needs to do differently. Your customers can still send faxes to a fax number, the same way they have in the past. You can still send a fax, it’s a tad different but just as easy or easier.

When you send out a fax, it gets sent to the fax company. The fax immediately shows up in your account with that company. The fax comes immediately to your email inbox as well. Also, you can get a text message to alert you that you have a new fax. This way, you are always immediately informed about a fax!

You don’t have to be standing beside the fax machine to know something has come in anymore. Print it out if you want to. You can forward the fax. The fax can be emailed. It’s brilliant if you ask us.

You have the fax on file immediately. The faxes are stored for you, sometimes indefinitely, if you keep your account open. (The time frame depends on the company you choose.)

SURELY There Are Some Disadvantages To Online Faxing. Do Tell…

Well, it depends on your outlook on things. Some may call these disadvantages, but we call it calling the glass half empty as opposed to half full.

  1. Monthly Cost: Yes, there’s a monthly cost associated with sending online faxes. So what? It’s minimal. You’re paying for it one way or the other. Doesn’t it cost to go to the store to send a fax? Doesn’t it cost to maintain a fax machine and for the paper and to have a fax line? End of discussion.
  2. Storage Capacity: Well, some services only store faxes for a few months “as opposed to email which can be stored forever”. Well then, there’s a simple solution- copy the fax into your computer’s storage. Easy. Also, hey, when you go to the store to fax something, there’s no storing it at all!

Disadvantages? We think not. When sending a fax online, the glass is half full or half empty, it’s your choice to decide!

How Much Does It Cost To Send A Fax Online?

Anywhere between $5 and $50 per month. It depends on which company you choose. Large corporate company accounts may be higher. This quote is for smaller businesses.

Why is cost important? Because it’s a drop in the hat compared to maintenance fees, paper, toner and such. Also, you get peace of mind that you don’t have a paper jam just at the worst possible time ever! That problem could potentially cost you thousands of dollars. Yeah, don’t do that.

How Do I Get Started?

There are many great companies to choose from. We have found the best online fax services for you. You are busy and you need to spend your time doing more valuable things with your business.

Less time running around sending faxes or fixing fax machines=more free time.

Simply review which online fax service you think is the right match and you’re on your way to sending your first fax.

Our top rated online fax provider is RingCentral Fax. You can also check out our other reviews via the table at the top of this page.

Lucky for you, these are the best online fax service reviews!


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