Who Are Best Damn Reviews?

Why Is Best Damn Reviews So Special?

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Business life is typically stuffy. You don’t need another boring, crappy review site.   Screw that!

We know that big words don’t impress you. You don’t have time to do the research necessary to make the right business choice. We do it for you.

Bonus- we use REAL LANGUAGE.

Why is this important?

Because you’ll understand it better. We ‘talk’ to you like you are our best bud. Friends hanging at the bar shooting the sh*t. (Well, we did our best. We HAD to use a few big words like ‘Limited Liability Company’. Sorry, guys.)

You don’t have to sift through bullcrap or fluff on our site.

Why Did We Start Best Damn Reviews?

You want reviews of the stuff. We give you simple, no-bull reviews. We try to make it real and fun, so taking care of your business needs isn’t so dull.

You might think to yourself, “Why do they care about my business?” Good question. 

Simply put, we saw two needs. And we’ll be honest- one of them was our own need!

  1. First, yes, we sometimes make money from this website. We worked our butts off putting it together for you, and we’re damn proud of it! We needed a mobile income and wanted to be free from working for others.
  2. The other need was the fact that most review websites suck. So, we decided to create the best site around. One that wouldn’t pussyfoot around, but tells you like it is. One that wouldn’t make you sift through endless information to make a decision.  We keep it simple. And real.

And we try to make it fun!

How We Reviewed The Services.

We went through the same process that you would. We ordered and then tested the products. We had to see what the experience was like, from the consumer’s eyes.

Our decisions were based on how EASY the process would be for you, with a strong emphasis on the quality of their customer support.

We also factored in access to an agent/help, the simplicity of using the website, email/chat response time, price, user reviews and the quality of the services provided.

Is the BBB a scam?

We IGNORE Better Business Bureau ratings. Businesses can simply PAY THEM OFF for good reviews.

Yep- a good old’ $395 membership charge will get you an A+ rating. That’s some unbelievable bullsh*t business practice going on.

Don’t believe us? We don’t blame you.

So here’s the proof- watch this video of ABC News outing them for their ‘business practices back in 2010.

Why is this important? Because we noticed that most other review sites DO use BBB ratings as a part of their rankings.

Apparently, they haven’t done their homework. If they had they would have known how bogus the ratings really are.

Well, we DO do our homework. Therefore, we don’t take BBB ratings into account.

(We said ‘doo doo’)

So Spend Your Time Enjoying Life, Not Reviewing Reviews!

Because of the hard work we have put into this website, we will be enjoying our life and free time. You should as well.

Our reviews make it easier for you to make a decision. We’re giving you more free time to do the fun things.

Life should be fun! Make your choice.

Then, use your free time to go have a drink.​